Single-phase stabilizers











This catalog features a high-efficiency voltage stabilizer that combines robustness, low cost and easy maintenance without electronic power components.
These characteristics make it suitable for networks of all kinds (rural, urban, etc.), where investments and operational costs in improving the quality of energy are limited.
The regulator consists of a power transformer that provides a voltage compensation in series.
The design of the transformer has been optimized to obtain a regulator of high performance (around 99%) and low cost.
An automatic control monitors the output voltage and establishes the optimum compensation.
The regulator is manufactured under both European (EN 50160) and American (ANSI C84-1) standards.
The ART model is manufactured in IP-55 polyester cabinet (EN 60529), IK-10 (EN 50102) self-ventilated and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, protected from the ground by a small concrete base, base, metal etc ., to prevent moisture.
The CB model is designed for outdoor (waterproof) to hang on pole.

Frequency: 50-60hz

For other powers, input regulations and output voltages, please consult.