The transformers are manufactured in compliance with IEC 60076-13 and, IEEE C57.1201 (or other required) standards.
The core is made of magnetic sheets with high permeability and low loss rate with a joint assembly of 45º with cooling channels.
All the winding of conductors is made of electrolytic copper of E-CU 99.9%.
Depending on the design of the transformer, the winding can be continuous or with a disk at intervals, with multiple or simple propellers.
The cooling channels are made with properly formed rods and with guide rings.
The derivation occurs in the HV winding, controlled either by a switch or by a bypass transformer.
The windings are autoclaved to reach the exact dimensions and avoid successive failures of lack of elasticity. All the transformer is fitted in the tank and filled with oil in isolation. The tank, normally, is of the vacuum type.
The refrigeration is carried out by means of radiators: mainly bolted, of the removable type; Sometimes it is soldered.
You can use fans or pumps to increase the operation of the transformer.
The transformers are capable of operating at a power greater than the rated power based on the IEC 354 standard.
When the problem of dimensions does not allow to deliver the transformer with the isolated liquid, the tank is carried with inert gas, or the radiators and the conservator are delivered disassembled.
The transformers can be equipped with specific accessories in addition to the standard ones, such as overpressure valve, diaphragm conservator, amperometric transformers, winding temperature indicator, cable box, centralization, etc.
When required, the assembly can be carried out by our specialized personnel.




The transformers are made according to IEC 76 standards.


It is built with magnetic sheet with oriented crystals, cold rolled and isolated on both sides by means of a thin layer of insulating varnish (Carlyte). The assembly is made with joints interspersed with 45º cuts. The suitably closed assembly ensures a very low noise operation,


In wood or steel bars, according to the construction project, always of adequate dimensions. Vertical holes that allow perfect protection to avoid damage from short circuits.


In electrolytic copper, isolated with pure cellulose and therefore able to withstand all atmospheric surges. The perfect circulation of the oil, also the interior of the coils, is ensured by means of large channels obtained by means of corrugated and folded cardboard. Before they are assembled, the envelopes are dried and impregnated.


Structure of welded and reinforced steel, internally painted with varnish indissoluble in the presence of oil and externally corrosion proof. Standard execution with radiators and corrugated steel sheets.


In dark porcelain, according to the UNEL standard. Easily replaceable when they break.


Preserved in oil, oil level indicator, oil filler cap and oil discharge, internal overpressure output device, air dryer connection, thermometer, grounding, loops, rotating slide rollers, switch for regulating high voltage overload .


High voltage connection boxes, thermometer with electrical contacts, Buccholz relay, sicilagel dryer, switch for regulation of high voltage plugs, auxiliary box.


Inside or outside


All transformers are tested with routine tests established by the IEC 76 standards. On request, shock wave resistance tests can also be carried out. Special tests to resistance of short circuits.